Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just playing around!

I've been a bit quite of late. We've decided to buy a house on five acres which has meant organising our home for sale. This has meant always having the house ready for people to look through. I'm always generally tidy but now I have to put everything away after using it. But i've finally got back to my (now tidy) craft area.

Years ago I purchased some jars of embossing powder. I've just recently dug them out of my (bomb site) craft cupboard. I thought I would have a bit of a play with them. I used puffy white on the dots for the green card and purple embossing powder for the large circles on the background of the purple card. I used my toaster to melt the powder, it did an ok job but I think I'll be investing in a craft heat gun soon....just to make life easier (and also it will be a good excuse to start trying out a new product that I just love the look of - called Opal).

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Chook said...

Hey Mel, I love that pink ribbon on the bottom card. How cool is that. Apparently if you son't have a heat gun you can use a paint stripper thingy (well so the lady at the showgrounds told me on the weekend) if Dunc happens to have one. I know Shane doesn't have one so I'd be up for a heat gun too if I ever venture into embossing. The cards look great. Chook

Gina said...

Hi Mel, these cards are cute. Not sure if you have tried this before, but before I bought a heat gun, I used the grill section of our oven, it was a lot easier than the toaster and no burnt fingers! If you are going to emboss a lot though, I would definately say to get a heat gun, they are definately worth it, although the grill isn't a bad option until then.....