Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christening Invitations

A friend of mine asked me to make her Christening Invitations. Her request was something pretty and possibly purple, as her older daughter had had pink. Do you think I could find anything in all my boxes of paper that was pretty and purple. In the end I resorted to using some striped purple and white paper and then embossed some plain purple cardstock with my new whirly cuttlebug folder.

Did I also mention that she wanted them ASAP. Due to this, I used one of my favourite layouts from my past trip to Fraser, with some cute white embossing powder footprints and whipped them up in 3 days...all 30 of them.

My Mother's Day Gift to My Wonderful Mum.

For Mother's Day I knew my mum would just love some photos of her beloved grandson, Emerson. He's her only grandchild at the moment. She refers to him as The Light of Her Life. I'd seen this little purse idea over at the Inking Idaho Blog. The lady who presents this blog does some beautiful Off-The-Page creations. I changes my design a little to accommodate more photos.

The purse opens with a velcro dot to reveal a mini photo album with two pull out tabs for more photos.

For this purse I used one of the new DSP - Haiku (I think that's what it is called! - I'll have to get my catalogue out later). Mum loves all the Autumn colours that this series of papers is made up of.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Slowly getting to Emy's Album!

I know I made a promise to my little boy months ago, that I would get his scrapbooking album up to date before his new baby brother or sister arrived, BUT I just don't think it's going to happen. So far he has 5 pages in his album. These three I've completed in the past couple weeks. I enjoy scrapbooking but find it takes me ages to finish a page. And even then I'm usually not happy. i think I need to join or create a group. That way something might get completed.

Anyway...enough complaining about myself! Here's the 3 recent pages....My little boy is growing up too quickly! Why can't they stay little bubs forever....

A Gift for Helen (Mrs Chooks Scrap Herself!!)

A Year Of Cards...for Helen!
My good friend Helen recently celebrated her birthday. Helen is one of those great friends who always makes the time to call, meet up or send you a little surprise. For such a special birthday I didn't jsut want to make a card so I made this Card Organiser ( designed by Beate Johns. I changes mine a little, putting rings on the side to hold it together. Beate used a binding machine.

Inside it has a pocket for each month with a little area for you to list all those special dates that require a card or gift. Once the card is made, you just put it in the pocket and wait for the special day to arrive. I love organisational things! I'll have to get around to making one for myself some time.
I also used a K. Werner layout to create the matching card.

Playing with Paper...what fun!!!

For some reason I can't get my photos to upload in the correct everything is back-to-front today. But anyway, I had some relaxing time over on Fraser Island to make some cards using the new design series papers from Stampin Up. Along with the new papers I also had a play with my embossing powder to create the cute little baby footprints on the baby card.
I also had a go at crushed paper flowers. I'd seen it on another blog (sorry I can't find the blog now). It's so simple but yet so affective when you add the buttons to create these sweet little flowers.

I almost forgot...I also had a play with my watercolour pencils to create this pocket card for a male. I always struggle with cards for men. And was pleasantly surprised how well this one turned out. It's the perfect gift idea for adding a gift card or scratch-its.
THis is the photo that should have been at the begining. All four cards together!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fraser Island - Trek into Hidden Valley.

This weekend we headed to Fraser for the long weekend. The weather had been perfect the week before but unfortunately turned rather windy and overcast for most of our 3 days. My childhood Fraser friend and fellow papercraft fanatic, Helen invited us to go for a trip into Hidden Valley. My parents had frequented this area when they were in their 20's and 30's and had taken my brother and I as little ones for many adventures into this desert like sandblow.
One of the interesting things to look for in the valley is sand now formed into rock that has been hit by lightning. I should have taken a photo of some. It almost has a glass sound when tapped.
The boys thought that they would test out their fitness by climbing up the dune on the top left of this photo. If I hadn't have been 29 weeks pregnant and carrying a 10kg toddler, I would have loved to have gone up for a look at the view. Maybe I'll add it to my after baby fitness schedule.