Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Father's Day Poppy!!!

My Dad just loves his Little Henry (Emerson - that's the name Dad has given to him due to his middle name being Henry like my Pop was called). At the moment he is about 17 hours away. So I don't think we'll be getting to see him this Father's Day. Due to the distance between us and him I thought I would get cracking and send him a personalised gift from Emerson (and Me).
I ended up making him a concertina album (a bit like Dunc's but bigger) and a pouch to keep it in. That way we may have some hope of keeping the album in one piece (You know what men are like when they cart things around with them).
Again I used a combination of black and white photos with rub-ons and ribbon. It's funny how just a couple of words added to a photo can say so much about the people in the photo.
This side has a variety of expressions made by Emy over the last few weeks.
Where as this side is quite serious and was taken on the same day. The front image almost looks like Emerson is looking right into your eyes. I'm sure Dad will be showing off his Little Henry to all the locals at Opalton, as soon as he gets this gift. Watching your parents take on the role of Grandparent is a beautiful thing!!!!
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Chook said...

Wow, that looks great too Mel. I bet your dad loves it.

Mae Collins said...

What a lovely gift! I know my parents just adore being grandparents - 19 with the 20th due early in the new year! TFS