Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Collection of Craft Tins

After giving my first ribbons tin away to my friend Helen (Chook), I got busy making my own ribbon dispenser and couln't stop. I've now ended up with a whole collection of craft storage tins. My Bling Tin is for brads and all the other embellishments I've collected over the years. The scraps tin speaks for itself, holding small scraps of paper and ribbon that I may use one day. I've got 2 more empty formul tins sitting on my workbench. I'll have to get thinking, to decide what needs some extra special storage. Watch this space!!!!!.......
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Chook said...

I didn't realise you gave me your first one. How lucky am I. You could also use a tin for odd stamps that don't belong to a set maybe Mel or you could send one to Duncs work and everytime they eat one of your muffins or slices, they can put 50 cents in. You can then use the money to buy more stampin stuff... now there is a plan.