Friday, July 4, 2008

Starting to Scrap!!!

I couldn't start doing scrapbook pages for Emerson until I personalised the front cover for him. I'm hoping to fill the album over the next few months with some of the hundreds of photos that i've taken of him over the past months. I just can't help myself...I want to be able to remember every precious moment of these beautiful little baby days.

My Pop passed away on the 10th of June at the great age of 97. Emerson was given his name for his middle name. Pop thought that this was great. He had a real soft spot for Emy. Pop and my Dad called Emy "Little Henry". I wanted Emerson to know about the special (if short) relationship he had with his great poppy. This page is my way of keeping the special memories alive for Emerson.
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Chook said...

That looks lovely Mel. You've done a great job.