Friday, February 6, 2009

I am alive.....just on Dial-Up!!

I've been very quiet these past months. Moving, renovating and starting a new year at school, have meant that time for fiddling has been very limited. We are also having internet connection issues, so for now i'm back in the dark ages on dial-up. I feel like life is passing me by, each time I use the internet.
Over Christmas my (very generous) mum surprised me with a Sizzix Big Kicks machine and a Xyron 900 machine. I'm still working out how to use both to their full potential but thought I would have a dabble with the embossing plates and die-cuts to make this cute little card for Chook's (another blogger) little boy, Kyan. It turned out really well....I think I'll be using a similar idea for Emerson's first birthday invitations.
Expect to see alot more embossed paper and die-cuts in my creations.
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Chook said...

Ahh, my favourite birthday card Ky received. It is so cute.