Sunday, February 8, 2009

My promise to my son...

Is to get his scrapbook up to date before his little baby brother or sister arrives in mid-July. He's only 10 months at the moment, but I have taken hundreds of beautiful photos of him which are all sitting on my camera, loaded on my computer or printed off in a box. For the next few months I'm devoting all my free time to getting all the beautiful baby moments chronicled. At the moment I'm not going so great.....only 2 pages completed. I think I have got to be a little less picky.

The page that I completed last week was from our annual Christmas holiday to Fraser Island. Emereson just loves the water! He even forgets about eating....which is very rare for our little hunger monster. We had just purchased the sunglasses for him on our way to the barge. We managed to keep him so occupied, that he kept them on for half an hour.

Hopefully... over the coming weeks you'll see alot more from Emerson's scrapbook!!
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Chook said...

Love it, your getting me inspired to do some scrappin' Mel